Public Transit

Buses and shuttles are a cheap and environmentally friendly to get around Charlottesville. Low-income residents and people with disabilities are especially likely to rely on transit. Charlottesville should encourage residents to take advantage of our public transit system by increasing bus frequency and adding shelters to bus stops. We should also pursue state funding to make public transportation free: free buses would pay for themselves with money saved on road maintenance and parking garages.

Walking and Bicycling

Almost half of Virginia’s carbon emissions come from transportation, so supporting walking and biking over driving should be part of Charlottesville’s climate strategy. But our government spends much more on car infrastructure than it does on pedestrians and bikers. The most recent Capital Improvement Plan allocated millions of dollars to a new parking garage downtown but slashed support for sidewalks and bike lanes. And because the city prioritizes drivers over pedestrians and bikers, walking and biking can be dangerous. Charlottesville should treat walking and biking as a first-class concern and not an afterthought.

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