Charlottesville is rewriting our Future Land Use Map (FLUM) for the first time since 2013. What’s a FLUM, and how does land use relate to housing justice and climate change? Check out our FAQ to find out!

Solar FAQ

Woodridge Solar is a utility-scale solar project proposed in Albemarle County. To help inform community discussion and understanding of this project, we put together this document with answers to some common questions we have heard.

Twitter Bots

How well do you know housing and transit in Charlottesville? Follow everylotcville and everystopcville and check out parts of the city you might not know.

Assessment Map

Do you know which neighborhoods are affordable? Can you guess where housing prices are rising fastest? Planning Commissioner Rory Stolzenberg has built a dashboard to map property values across the city for the past ten years. If you like working with code, you can customize the map.

Downtown Parking Data

When was the last time the Water Street Garage was full? The City of Charlottesville monitors parking availability at the garages downtown but doesn’t store the data, so we’re storing it for them. Check out the parking utilization dashboard to see current and historical data for the Market St and Water St garages.

City Resources

The city and county governments provide useful resources on land use and transportation:

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